The Harper Comprehensive & Authentic Leadership Development

The Harper Comprehensive Executive Summary is a composite of multiple important components – the Birkman Assessment, The Attention and Interpersonal Style Inventory (T.A.I.S), the 360° Assessment, Hogan Leadership Series, Hogan Judgment and the Harper Behavioural Interviewing program.

When undertaken as a series, these tools provide valuable data that will clearly identify an individual’s abilities as they relate to the attributes required in key positions within your company – discipline, drive, focus and work ethic along with other attributes of high-performing team leaders needed in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Administered in a short time, John personally prepares the results and observations so the test results are fast.

They are written in easy-to-understand language and are aimed at answering a set of predetermined requirements. Results are provided in a concise six to seven page document that summarize each of the components. As well, additional pages with highlights of the Birkman 360° are included.

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