The Attention and Interpersonal Style Inventory (T.A.I.S)

Digging deep to pinpoint a candidate’s core abilities can mean the difference between choosing an individual who will drive success and one that will ultimately become a liability.

By combining The Attention and Interpersonal Style Inventory (T.A.I.S) with highly proven techniques, Harper is able to assess how an individual will measure up against each specific business challenge. When applied in recruitment situations or corporate restructuring T.A.I.S. becomes an important component in making the right decision, especially when applied in the identification and training of individuals who are expected to consistently perform at high levels under challenging conditions.

T.A.I.S. is:

  • A precision recruitment tool.
  • Highly useful when considering a promotion, creating succession plans or assessing marginal performers.
  • A fast and dependable method to establish underlying challenges to high performance and productivity.
  • A practical method to predict success in specific performance situations.

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