The 360° Assessment

The 360° ‘Multi-Rater’ Assessment is a highly effective tool designed to zero in on the characteristics that drive success – Drive & Discipline, People Development, Leadership, Implementing Strategic Change, and Delivering Measurable Results.

By targeting specific strengths and aptitudes in these crucial areas of senior managerial excellence, the 360° delivers a sound basis from which to work in ongoing development. It pinpoints weak areas or those that require coaching and sets the stage for individuals to break through barriers to perform at an elite level.

No One Delivers a ‘360’ Like Harper
Each time John Harper undertakes a 360, it ends with a comprehensive one-on-one session with the participant to ensure a full understanding and a thorough comprehension of the results.

  • Recommended for managers at all levels, corporate executives or those who significantly impact the performance of the organization.
  • Builds a solid foundation for future high performance coaching.
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