Harper Behavioural Interview

Imagine a candidate’s interview where you have the freedom to listen, observe and witness interpersonal dynamics as they unfold during the process.

John Harper is exceptional at structuring an interview process that provides time and freedom for Human Resource (HR) Professionals and Corporate Executives to experience an interview, not conduct it.

By utilizing Harper to take a lead role in the interview process, you’ll have time to observe reactions, gauge responses and establish a more significant opinion on how a prospective employee will interact with other team members or fit within the corporate culture.

If there are tough questions to be tackled, Harper will pose them. If high pressure situations or role-playing scenarios are instrumental, he can create them. When combined with the behavioural assessments, Harper’s interviewing process will net more valuable and insightful results than a traditional interview ever will, providing you the detailed knowledge needed to sign on the strong performers that will fuel ongoing corporate success.

The Harper Behavioural Interview:

  • Empowers HR specialists and business leaders to make informed decisions
  • Ensures the organization’s integrity is retained
  • Provides an exceptional advantage in finding the right individual for the right position.

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“In my 14 years in Human Resources, I have never seen or been part of an interview like that! The information that John is able to draw out of a candidate is simply amazing.”

Cindy Palmer
Director of Human Resources
Andrew Peller Ltd.