Executive Coaching

With each upward step an executive makes through the ranks of an organization, the opportunities for direct feedback and straightforward information decrease.

Personalized Executive Coaching is often the answer. It sharpens the skills of future leaders who need to transition from “doing” to “doing through others”, and develops current decision makers within the context of their present jobs – without taking them away from their day-to-day roles.

As well, personalized coaching provides a look beneath the surface of an individual’s existing performance to identify the areas that are hindering performance. Once these areas are established, Harper works with executives to overcome leadership liabilities and achieve their full potential.

Personalized Executive Coaching provides:

  • Unbiased third party leadership coaching expertise for feedback and direction in “real time” – we deal with immediate issues and realize immediate results.
  • Support for top producers in fine-tuning skills in strategy, communication and decision-making.
  • Measurable results – optimum performance, improved teamwork and a better bottom line.
  • A strictly confidential support tool that’s unbiased and non-threatening.
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