Corporate Succession Planning

Succession planning is the probably the single most important aspect of transitioning a company from one phase to another. Without a well-crafted strategy, no business can plan a vision of the future or move forward if there are no trained people to assume pivotal management roles.

Every significant position and all key individuals in the organization must be identified as candidates for a succession plan. Each will require assessment to determine the resource strategies, skills, management development and position-filling processes that must be undertaken to ensure a seamless progression to the next level of corporate development.

The Harper approach to corporate succession planning comprises a comprehensive set of actions which encompass discussion, evaluation and strategy development. In developing a plan for succession John creates the optimum environment within which each high performing, high potential individual can assume a more senior leadership role.

Working in tandem with HR and key individuals Harper will:

  • Identify expected vacancies and determine critical positions
  • Identify current and future competencies for positions
  • Identify gaps in current employee and candidate competency levels
  • Create Individual Development Plans for employees
  • Develop and implement coaching and mentoring programs
  • Assist with leadership transition, coaching and development.

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