Why Choose People Strategy?

People strategy is more than data. Companies perform exceptionally well when exceptional people are deployed in key positions.

Harper goes beyond the numbers to help Human Resource (HR) professionals assess and identify the best leaders for their organization and then provides strategies to ensure their excellent performance afterwards.

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How Does Harper Do It?


Gauges judgement, engagement & EQ

Using Hogan Assessment’s comprehensive psychometric tools, Harper helps identify an individual’s leadership abilities within a given environment, including: gauging an individual’s judgement, how they engage with their team and their level of emotional intelligence.


Pinpoints core abilities

T.A.I.S. – The difference between who is successful and who isn’t as successful has less to do with technical skills than with mental toughness. It’s about how well people can focus their minds and manage their emotions under stress.


Creates multi-dimensional portraits

With Birkman Predictive Assessment, Harper assists HR Professionals, Sales Executives and Senior Managers to build high performing teams, assess potential leaders and support career placement or outplacement situations.


Zeroes in on success drivers

The 360° ‘Multi-Rater’ Assessment is a highly effective tool designed to zero in on: Drive & Discipline, People Development, Leadership, Implementing Strategic Change, and Delivering Measurable Results.


Asks tough questions

Freedom to listen, observe and witness interpersonal dynamics as they unfold. Harper’s Behavioural Interview provides time and freedom for HR Professionals and Corporate Executives to experience an interview, not conduct it.


Identifies abilities for key positions

The Harper Comprehensive & Authentic Leadership Development compiles important components – the Birkman Assessment, The Attention and Interpersonal Style Inventory (T.A.I.S), the 360° Assessment, Hogan Leadership Series, Hogan Judgment and our own Behavioural Interviewing program.


Aligns teams with their goals

Birkman team building is a highly effective team building tool Harper recommends for use during corporate mergers or acquisitions, downsizing or when creating a work group with individuals drawn from diverse geographical, cultural or corporate backgrounds.


Sharpens leadership skills

Personalized Executive Coaching is often the answer when an executive has taken an upward step within the organization. Harper’s coaching sharpens the skills of future leaders who need to transition from “doing” themselves to achieving through others.


Plans for next level transitions

Corporate succession planning is probably the single most important aspect of transitioning a company from one phase to another, yet most organizations don’t give it the priority or planning it deserves.

Bad Hires are Costly.

The author of the book Hiring for Attitude, Mark Murphy, tracked over 200,000 new hires and found that 46% failed within the first 18 months. Direct and indirect costs of bad hires can be huge, so it’s essential to understand why new hires fail and what you can do to reduce that failure rate.


Cost of bad hires to Zappos, according to its CEO. Read More

The Cost of a Bad Hire.

Example of a $100,000* employee (*including benefits)

90 Days: $34,000
90-180 Days: $68,000
180-270 Days: $102,000
270-365 Days: $135,000
After 365 Days: Additional $65,000

First 90 Days:

  • Honeymoon period
  • Lots of hands off training taking place
  • Zero to limited REAL results
  • Has met internal & external stake holders
  • Hiring Manager’s reputation is looking good so far

Cost: $34,000

90-180 Days:

  • Recruiting guarantee has just expired
  • Little traction or results
  • Real effort and ability is being questioned
  • Manager is forced to pay closer attention
  • Internal & external stakeholders are starting to notice
  • “Who hired this person?”

Cost: $68,000

180-270 Days:

  • Frustration from all levels
  • Hiring Manager is in full impact mode and not paying full attention to their own priorities
  • External reputation is now being challenged and potentially hurt
  • Internals are frustrated
  • The Manager’s Manager is now involved
  • Performance Improvement plan is put in place

Cost: $102,000

270-365 Days:

  • Common phrases overheard include:
    • “We have gained very little here”
    • “Our customers wonder where our priorities are”
    • “Our internal employees think less of us as leaders”
    • “We will miss our numbers because of this person”
  • Employee is terminated in this period

Cost: $135,000

Beyond 365 Days:

  • Two months’ severance is given based on Company reputation and employee’s previous tenure
  • The position is vacant; external & internal stakeholders suffer as a consequence
  • Manager is now doing double duty to cover shortfall, therefore priorities are divided


  • The interview process starts all over again
  • Estimated $30,000 recruiting fee paid for new hire
  • Productivity in the position is affected for as much as 4 months

Cost: +$65,000